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Over the years I have read an abundance quotesand countless articles with the words "manifestation" and "Universal attraction" being quoted as part of a new positive directed thought pattern, and if understood have a very powerful return. But for the majority of early bird entrepreneurs and business persons alike the stage of manifesting productively in business or career is a stage of thought practice that is generally prematurely adopted due to being unprepared and uneducated to its truest understanding of use. 

Your exercise of truth:

The success of every entrepreneur and successful business will always start at home first, being the emotional value of one’s personal life of now and past creates the longevity of success now and to come, and please take note here I said the “emotional value” not materialistic or monetary worth of one’s personal life or career. Yes I know the old saying money makes money, yet have on so many occasions witnessed how money in abundance can actually create poverty in one’s life also. Money does not create happiness or wealth, we create happiness and the same goes for success and profits, it is ALWAYS down to the emotional value and emotional life lived and living of the profit maker, or the owner of those profits, that dictates the monetary worth and its increased future value.

This is it, this is your return in the now of all success “your subconscious expectancy” and there is no getting away from it if you do not work on it. It has full control although has no interest in controlling your outcome in any way. How crazy a thought process that’s has no wish to hinder or profit just coming along for the ride, yep that’s your subconscious – The hitch hiker.

By Deborah Sinead – Business Emotional Recognition Coach for Accolade Academy Emotional-Corporate-Training

You will find in life if you really look, that you repeat the same patterns over and over again. The outward appearance of the situation may look completely different, yet the feeling will be the same.

How do you generate profits from loss – for the Entrepreneur?

How do you generate profits from loss, it’s easier said than done for some because your losses and repeated losses in business has come from an habitual ingrained inheritance of emotional  “im not worth it” rut.  An invisible mirrored trigger so hidden in your sub conscious that to see it you will have to STOP blaming all and everything else around you first, then absolutely point the finger at yourself unconditionally with pride and observation.

Recognising the difference between your react and respond emotion within your emotional value offered to another is a huge advantage for the emotional correct placing of you emotional investments within life and business, and is your winner answer for success in all areas. Don’t underestimate its importance, don’t allow your ego to get the better of you when analysing and working on this wealth of discovery while on your path to brilliance.

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