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Accolade Academy’s unique corporate training and coaching can offer so much for the success of your start up or the increased success of your established business.

We specialise in helping the new entrepreneur establish the self-confidence and worth that’s absolutely necessary for any business to succeed successfully in this day and age.

So many individuals and companies struggle to reach their potential to grow a continued repeated success purely because of the inability to recognise talent over experience, or sadly for many companies the directorship dictations own insecurities refuse to recognise this natural engine for success because of individual in house competitive ego.

Today is your day of self-recognition and time to take a stock check of your self-worth. Get yourself a pen and paper and for each of the questions you are about to ask yourself you will mark yourself from 1 to 10, with 1 being: not at all and 10 being: absolutely in every given way possible.

Looking at yourself in the mirror ask yourself out loud these following questions and then mark each individually out of 10:

I have met so many individuals that without knowing are holding back on the success of their business and life’s purely because they feel they are too inexperienced to be the success they are aspiring to be.

I AM WHO I AM: I have heard this line used so many times to cover up what is really “I AM WHO I HAVE BECOME” is there a difference between the two? They read almost as the same emotion, but look a little closer and you will see they are miles apart.

We humans tend to over exaggerate our loyalty to our honesty, we are populated by our own inherited false feelings.  Here’s the thing,  we often call animals dumb when in truth it’s us humans who are dumb, because we may for the most case have a perceived greater understanding of practical intelligence but are we emotionally more intelligent that most animals, it’s definitely a question worth asking.

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