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How was 2016 for you? It’s a million dollar question and the good news being it has a million dollar answer. Look back at your year using your microscopic eye and resist scanning those times or memories that you feel you would prefer to forget from this year’s events. With pen and paper start noting the detail of each emotional test and complementing event from beginning to end, yes it may be a little time consuming and for some memories that rush back emotions that felt difficult at the time so why ask for reminders?

Self-appreciation is massively important in achieving any level of success in any part of your life, especially the professional high performance executive. Self-appreciation It is a skill and gift all in one to yourself daily and never to be overlooked by way of self-ignorance to seeing the good in you. The actual meaning of Self-appreciation in the dictionary is: Self-appreciation - It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the your self. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself, for example, "I am competent", "I am worthy"

You think your think, it’s so true. So many business and career persons blame all but themselves for their poor career and business decisions. Let’s be clear here, yes experience does have a factor in good decisions and growth, but ultimately “high performance thinking” can only come from a high performance investment in oneself first. Take a good hard look at yourself and your internal knowledge, and again let’s be clear, im not banging on about the over rated IQ but the under discovered “emotional quality” (EQ) that everybody has equal potential if recognised and understood.

This is such an over looked natural tool within each and every budding business seeker and entrepreneur, and why? Well we are what we eat, we are what we think, and we certainly are what we speak and there is no getting away from it you speak who you are. Trust me I’ve seen it so many times during my coaching career. Individuals training and coaching into their persona and career what they deem as the perfect successful person, when not realising that synthetic emotional change cannot hold for a sustained life naturally. Yes it is true a business is for some degree a fake it till you make it exercise, but always with integrity and excellence of service now and to come.

One of the most common relapses I see in ninety eight percent of any given career is the ease in ability to fall “back to type”. Often the career minded person or entrepreneur will, after spending many invested hours and large sums of money on themselves in self-recognition and intelligence analysis workshops feel the work is then done. Well here’s the shocker NOPE!! It’s not a flash in the pan result. Although success can happen overnight if you’re in complete ownership of your faults complemented with a personal and social awareness of dedicated commitment and a synchronized bottomless jar of luck, intelligence and new experience.

Creating success is easy! Owning a successful business is easy! Making a large profitable income EASY! EASY! EASY! So why is it, it is not common place in the realms of the business world? How come so many sole traders, small business and large corporations are striving to be as good and better as the recognised successful business that they feel is showing more success than them? There is definitely enough business and customers to go round, there are plenty of opportunities to reach potential customers because there are plenty of customers to reach, we are truly globally populated with potential.

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