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Accolade Academy’s coaching articles are written by professional business and life coach Paul Rees. His unique style of writing has made publication all over the world, influencing a change and understanding to the emotional intelligence and growth of thousands globally. Through Accolade Academy Paul has in place six month professional business and life coaching programmes. He has coached many of the most successful recognised entrepreneurs internationally. Paul believes success is common in us all and carries the same potential for all, so let Paul show you your potential through is effective and result creating methods. Be the best! Be successful!

Please select from the titles below:

1. Are your feeling true or feeling false

2. For the Entrepreneur – "Gratitude" Your root to success and corporate growth

3. Karma will always reveal the truth

4. For the Entrepreneur: The thought behind the thought, hindsight can be seen before success has arrived!

5. Who emotionally owns you, mam or dad?

6. You are your own riches

7. For the Entrepreneur and Business person: You have to better who you ARE to better what you ARE

8.I am who I am – REALLY!!!!

9. Are you using or waiting for experience to create success

10. You are the mirror of your life coming

11. For the business owner - Talent v's Experience who wins 

12. For the business owner and new start up - Success IS easy!!

13. Finding your BUSINESS/CAREER all over again!

14. For the business owner or career minded person - What is my success now?

15. What’s your financial contentment of your business?

16. Fellow entrepreneurs, It’s time to catch up or be left behind

17. Are you a profit or loss Entrepreneur?

18. Entrepreneurialism at its best - take the test!!

19. Do you REACT or RESPOND? Which are you?

20. How do you generate profits from loss – for the Entrepreneur?

21. For The Entrepreneur -  Turning Life Patterns into Business Profits!

22. For the Entrepreneur: What’s your natural subconscious expectancy?

23. For the Entrepreneur and career person - From rags to riches and away from materialism

24. For the Entrepreneur of the future - what's in it for you?

25. For the Entrepreneur: Creating success is easy – If you spend correctly

26. Back to Type – emotionally and mentally you create profits and success

27. Your business is only as successful as your vocabulary

28. You Think your Think!   High Performance or not?

29. For the High Performance Business Person - Self-appreciation: Your organic profit making tool 

30. Seeing your annual returns for its true potential - making millions

31. Financial worth/value: Clean thoughts = Pure profits

32. The Entrepreneurial Personal investment = Guaranteed Profits (it’s a universal law) 

33. You Are Your Organic Profit Making Machine

34. Do You Practice “Panic into Money” into your Business

35. What’s the financial value of your profiting thoughts invested into your business




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