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Jennifer Knight – Professional Business Coach: based in London
In a world of where we are becoming surrounded by a wide range of coaches the question I am often asked is ‘how did you choose your business coach?’ In the world of coaching it can be difficult for a client to find the right coach for their business.
My advice would be look at the skillset of your coach – arrange a scoping call and after the initial session ask yourself ‘Did I get pushed to a new mindset level?’ This happened on my first call with Paul from Accolade. Paul is certainly not your typical run of the mill business coach, he is adept at delving into your business foundations and understanding what your vision is and how that aligns with the vision for your life.
Deborah from Accolade coaches from a unique stand point she coached me in my personal life and she began by understanding my background. This lead her to map out the model I was given as a child, and helped me see where I was, where I am followed by my future vision and how that aligns with my core belief system.
Both Paul and Deborah have assisted me in a variety of ways;
1) To become an elite Business Coach
2) Be the best version of me
3) Push my mindset to a new level to elevate me and my business goals
Ultimately, I could write a thousand words on what their company provides to me on a weekly basis that allows me to be a more effective and knowledgeable as a Peak Performance Business Coach (but there’s not enough space to fit all the words here).
My question to you is ‘Do you want to become an elite creative mastermind?’ If your answer is yes organise a scoping call with to Paul and Deborah from Accolade today and become the best version of you.

Ihssen Badr - International Education Consultant -Founder of the Wholistic Philanthropic Education. Ted Speaker & success mindset coach:
Paul has invaluable knowledge and wisdom in regard of leadership and business building . His lessons were one’s you can carry with you throughout your life . His passion for helping others is unmatched and truly inspiring.

Stephane Pang - Managing Director at On It Sports Ltd UK:
We would highly recommend using Paul Rees. His energetic approach and knowledge of business is so useful for any company. Paul helped us at my business with dramatic growth by maintaining our customer service and increasing our profits.
Paul’s friendly approach means he encourages people at all levels to get involved and rethink how they’re valued and involved in the business bringing a team closer together.
Onitsports would definitely recommend getting in touch with Paul’s team.

Gavin Dando - Owner at Gavin Dando Freelance Photography UK:
Always having good answers to business questions and in particular - self promotion.
Paul is always full of enthusiasm and ideas, and his energy is contagious and enthralling!
He always puts a smile on my face whenever I see him !

Kim J Boland - Business Solutions ★ Nurturing Businesses ★ Strength Based Change ★ Accounting for Improvement UK based:
Paul is an absolutely amazing business coach. He has the ability to immediately perceive his mentees mind-set. This is essential if we are talking about Emotional Intelligence. Beyond his fantastic skill at hitting the point for improvement by his client, and his ability to draw that route, his giving and generosity are incredible. In all my work with Paul he would never clock watch and gave more than needed to.
Paul worked with me through very difficult times and has been a fantastic guide and support.
Without hesitation I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for a holistic- and emotionally intelligent solution to their current situation.
As I have indicated above Paul quickly became a Mentor rather than a coach. This means more to mean than raw and distant coaching. A mentor needs to emphasize to succeed. Paul does this.

Emily Wood - Micro Loans Assistant Investment Executive at Development Bank of Wales UK:
Paul is an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air! He promotes self-belief and changing the mind-set to help us achieve our dreams. He is an excellent public speaker and will definitely get the crowd uplifted.

Alyson Jones - Professional Coach at Coaching Life into Business -London, United Kingdom:
Absolutely fantastic 1 hour coaching call with the brilliant Paul Rees !
Amazing how one hour invested in yourself with the right people can put you on the right path to your goals
Would highly recommend Paul Rees to anyone who truly wants to better their life or business !!!

Emilia Sklabinsky - Serbia and Montenegro: Strategic Outsourcing Specialist | Outsource | Digital Marketing Freelancers Recruiter | Virtual Assistant
Paul lifted up my mindset and self-value in just 1 hour. He motivated me to think about some things in a different way. He is a very good listener and solution provider! My every recommendation!

Katherine Glass, Concord, Massachusetts 
Educator at Healing Essence Center: Paul is a dynamic positive force in the world of coaching and communications. He is extremely motivational and he brings a unique perspective to the approach to building your business. Paul is very authentic and highly skilled in his areas of expertise. He is also a joy to work with!

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