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Advanced Career Reset

Your “edge of brilliance” Into your professional career

Permanently maximising your potential to make huge career growths


The process of sustainable peak performance is overlooked by many highly driven career-minded individuals, due to the traditional practice of stress points from a stuck fast culture, that continues a loyalty to repeat past disappointments and lost confidence in career growth opportunities and happiness

How would you like to experience 100% peak performance results from your efforts? Smart results that increase your career exposure and visible leadership skills to your employer. How about less stress, and greater clarity of purpose to your invested working day? We will make this happen for you

There is more you can offer your professional career for greater and smarter results! We at Accolade will build for you, your unique peak performance formula into your career goals.

Those who work and think smart using our peak performance formulas always project their edge of brilliance and drive a healthy career and personal life.

The 14-tool career peak performance formula will result in giving you:

  • High communication skills
  • Advanced active listening skills
  • Increased ability to re-cycle knowledge information
  • A developed full-range mindset in change adaptability to career climate
  • A Focused positive attitude and stress reduction mindset
  • Huge gains in productive emotional flexibility for career demands
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Confidence to increased ideas sharing
  • Adopt a high self-development mindset with an index plan
  • Increased efficiency to ratio against allocated working hours and effective productivity
  • Confidence and drive to grow and change career
  • Increased sense calculating skills
  • Long term career plan and objectives
  • Professional CV and profile script     



Programme and schedule:

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  • On the start of your career coaching programme you will receive your fingerprint-built Accolade luxury mind map, - organise and stay accountable hard copy folder – designed to work through the 14 tools and last the timeline of your programme. Postage fee applicable outside of UK

                                                                                                                                                                Further advanced call to action folders are available to purchase individually during or after the programme has finished its term

  • (When applicable and required)- For in-depth one to one specialist coaching during your programme timeline: Accolade’s advanced online interactive e-form software is purpose-built for Accolades coaching and career-minded clients, fingerprint built for every client. Designed to measure and intensely expand the career mind, place a high-quality call to action efficiency, and promote long term results and goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The e-form software allows for constant communication and moment to moment coaching from your Accolade executive coach
  • Bi-weekly “re-call, mind map, and project” one-hour peak performance mapping sessions, keeping you on target and motivationally healthy for the duration of the programme. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, making it convenient for your existing career schedule.

Accolade is an international business and built its programmes to travel. You will experience a formula which brings to you the true experience of your remote one on one coaching, up close, personal and live via our remote seminar experience, using the most up-to-date digital interactive board technology and webinar equipment, it will bring you right into the room with your coach

  • 1 reading book a month to complement, support and strengthen your program. Delivered straight to your door 
  • Every 6 weeks, depending on requirements, you will have with your coach a “deep dive” 2-hour masterplan Zoom call or face to face think tank.

Your invested time:

All of the above is Accolade’s proven formula to making your career a successful journey. While we guarantee results there is also the accountability of the programme recipient efforts and drive to make the project and programme success through the direction of the coach, and the use of all the available tools supplied through Accolades career-building formula.

Clients are accountable to meet all scheduled one to one bi-weekly remote calls. If calls are missed by the client through no fault of your Accolade coach, then the missed call will set a backlog in development and slow expected progress. Scheduled calls cannot be carried over unless agreed otherwise by your coach.

We build our formulas for one purpose only, to dramatically increase the permanent practice of career peak performance for the professional career-minded person

Registration and admin fee £95 per person

3-month programme: x 1 person £1,310 Inc VAT   

Contact for multiple, teams or large group prices

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